No No Boy

Jason Okamoto

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No No Boy

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This single is from a video/music  project which was inspired by my family's time in the Tule Lake Japanese American relocation camp during WWII.   My grandfather was a No No Boy.  This term came from answering "no" to two loyalty questions given to the interned.   Eventually, he was separated from my grandmother and his children (my father and uncle), and transferred to Fort Lincoln in North Dakota- a camp for enemy aliens.  That generation never talked about it, but I remember that my grandfather once mentioned how hot it was at Fort Lincoln in the summer, and how he had to be given salt tablets as he worked outdoors in the warmest months. 

  I filmed and edited everything myself.   It's shot in both Portland, OR and Seattle, WA (where my grandfather lived before the war).  I took the train to Seattle and got the train footage on that trip.     Video available in the VIDEO section.

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